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Why choose JASHIN TOOLS as your partner for hardware tools?

CÔNG CỤ JASHIN is a brand of Zhejiang Wanli Diamond Group Co.Ltd. As one of the leading hardware tools manufacturers in China, it integrates manufacturing and sales.

At present, our products are mainly in four categories: diamond cutting blade, circular saw blade, router bits and wood auger bits. As a family-owned company, we have always had the strictest requirements for the quality of our products, and our strong production capacity and exquisite craftsmanship are not only the foundation of our brand, but also the pride engraved in the bones ofCÔNG CỤ JASHIN.

OEM Ability

JASHIN TOOL customization

Independent manufacturing and production

Size customization

Production of different sizes of hardware tools, more in line with practical applications.

tùy chỉnh bao bì

Depending on your packaging design requirements, we can provide 100% restored packaging.

Tùy chỉnh màu sắc

Production according to the colours provided by the customer.

Tùy chỉnh logo

We support multi-colour printing of logos and customised processing of images.